Bob & Sheri


Sheri Lynch fully expects to be eaten first in the Zombie Apocalypse!  A Philly native who was raised in a remote corner of Wyoming, you’d think she’d have a little more game when it comes to the undead.  Sheri is the best-selling author of two best-selling books, and has a master’s degree in social work.  She puts that degree to use, all day long,both in the studio and at home, where she and her husband Kevin lay claim to eight or nine kids, a small herd of dogs and an entire battalion of cats.


Bob Lacey is the long-suffering partner of Sheri Lynch on the Bob & Sheri Show on KRTZ!  Bob began to lose all sense and good judgment when he voluntarily left a cushy job as a reporter for lifestyle TV show “PM Magazine”, where he traveled across America and internationally, interviewing swimsuit models, yacht designers, champion surfers and celebrities.  Bob gave all that up to return to the airwaves of morning radio with a woman who points out his so-called “weaknesses” at every opportunity.

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